Setup Information

NO 1

The clock must be on a level vibration free solid surface, most but not all clocks have levelling feet.

NO 2

Leave the clock to run for at least 24 hours to settle before any attempt to regulate it.

NO 3

Depending upon the time keeping if the clock is running fast or slow, because although it will be regulated before dispatch movement may necessitate fine tuning , most slightly newer torsion clocks have a round disc on top of pendulum with arrows indicating fast or slow but older clocks with disc pendulums are slightly different there is a internal or external threaded bar for adjustment but still with indication as to what way to turn, but only a very small movement will make quite a lot of difference

NO 4

The minute hand on a torsion clock can be adjusted forward or back without causing any harm

NO 5

The torsion spring on a anniversary clock is very fragile so great care must be taken when moving the clock always unhook pendulum prior to moving the clock although some have pendulum locks to lock it in place when moving.


Every clock will be fully cleaned, checked , regulated and full instructions to suit each particular clock will be sent with the clock and packed very well, with no difference as to it being a clock sold or belonging to a customer.