Welcome to my website my name is Derek and I service, Repair and Restore all kinds of Anniversary clocks, they are also known as 400 day clocks, but there correct name it Torsion clock because the bit of wire that the pendulum hangs on is called a torsion spring.

Most of the clocks were made in the Black Forrest in Germany but there was one French manufacturer (Claude Grivolas ) and they made very good quality torsion clocks, but as I said most were German .

Torsion clocks were made from about mid 1800’s to the 1960’s, pre WW2 clocks are a bit better quality having thicker brass and are a bit more collectable but having said that some later ones that are rare are very collectable , Kaiser world & Kaiser Universe to name just two , they were made in the 1950’s

Our Services

Anniversary clock servicing

We service all kinds of Anniversary clocks this includes the torsion spring

Anniversary clock restoration

We restore all Anniversary clocks to customer's specifications

Anniversary clock repair

We repair all Anniversary clocks including broken mainspring